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Ankle Problems

Our ankle is very complex structure, consisting of tendons, bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, nerves and more. These parts work together to allow up and down and side to side movement of the foot. Our ankle is the focal point where the foot and leg meets. Because of this, it is highly susceptible to injuries, problems and conditions.

This section will teach you more about the various injuries that can occur to your ankle, plus additional information about conditions and diseases that affect your ankle. To learn more about the ankle, please feel free to read multiple articles listed below. To get started, please click on a title below:

Problems & Conditions of the Ankle:

  • Septic Arthritis in the Ankle

    The condition known as septic arthritis is different from ordinary arthritis as most people understand it. While the term “arthritis,” as it is conventionally used, refers to pain and inflammation in the joints, septic arthritis is a bacterial infection in the joint cavity.

  • Equinus Deformity

    Equinus is arguably the most common deformity of the foot and ankle that no one talks about. Find out about causes and treatment.

  • Ankle Injuries: Sprains, Strains and Fractures

    Ankle injuries are extremely common. It’s estimated that approximately 25,000 people injure their ankles every day nationwide. This injury can occur to anyone of any age, male or female.

  • Ankle Fracture

    An ankle fracture, also referred to as a broken ankle (terms broken and fracture can be used interchangeably), occurs when there is either a partial or complete fracture in one of the ankle bones. Fractured ankles can range from mild to severe.

  • Peroneal Tendonitis

    Peroneal tendonitis is an ankle injury that usually occurs after a lateral ankle sprain, or after overuse of the peroneal tendons. Read more for symptoms, causes and treatment.

  • Swollen Ankles

    Swollen ankles are usually a symptom of an underlying problem. Check out our long list of potential causes of a swollen ankle, plus additional symptoms, diagnosis information and treatment solutions.

  • Sprained Ankle

    If you suspect a sprained ankle, you should not wait to receive treatment. There are three grades of a sprain. Learn more about it, treatment options and more.

  • High Ankle Sprain

    Different that a normal ankle sprain, high ankle sprains can be immobilizing and extremely painful. Learn more about them here.

  • Clubfoot

    This congenital condition affects babies at birth. It is not hard to spot and is usually treated immediately. Learn more about the treatment options and process.

  • Broken Ankle

    Broken, or fractured ankles are very common ankle injuries. Learn more about the types of fractures, treatment options, how they occur and more.

  • Ankle Pain

    Ankle pain can be caused by numerous conditions and injuries. Ankle pain is a symptom of an underlying condition. Learn more about these conditions, treatment and symptoms of this ailment.

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