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A Guide to The Muscles of The Foot

The muscles in our feet are susceptible to injuries, disorders and various problems such as strains. Many times, an injured muscle in the foot will bruise and cause pain when walking. Various conditions can also make it difficult to move around. Like the muscles in the rest of the body, it’s important to keep the muscles in the feet strong.

To get started, all you need to do is click on the title of the article below that you are most interested in. Feel free to spend time browsing this section to learn more about the muscles, or browse additional sections to learn more about problems and conditions that can affect the feet.

Problems & Conditions of Muscles Within the Foot:

  • Muscle Contusion – Bruised Foot Muscle

    A muscle contusion, also called a bruise, occurs as a result of a blunt force injury that damages blood vessels. Read more about muscle contusion here.

  • Compartment Syndrome

    Learn about the two types of this condition and their symptoms, causes, diagnosis and how treatment is used to reduce swelling, pain and bleeding within your compartments

  • Sore Feet

    Sore feet is a symptom of an underlying problem or condition. Take a look at our long list of potential causes, treatment options and more.

  • Foot Cramps

    Foot cramps can be a sign of many different things, including dehydration, poor circulation and muscle fatigue. Learn how to prevent and treat foot cramps.

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