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Problems with nerves in the feet are very common. Many times, an injured nerve will cause intense pain and heat felt within the foot. Nerves act as a network, communicating important information from the foot to the brain.  Learn more about the various conditions and problems that can affect the nerves in the foot.

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Problems & Conditions of Nerves Within The Foot:

  • Neuropathy in The Feet

    Learn more about how neuropathy can affect our feet, how its treated and why it happens to begin with.

  • Foot Neuroma

    Neuroma is the swelling of a nerve. Learn more about the nerves in your feet and how neuroma can affect them.

  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

    This is a condition that may appear suddenly or gradually. Although it mainly affects adults over the age of 30, it can also affect children.

  • Causes and Treatment for Tingling of the Feet

    Tingling feet is usually caused by pressure place on nerves, either by means of applying the pressure yourself, or by an underlying condition such as peripheral neuropathy. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

  • Cold Feet

    Cold feet are usually a symptom of an underlying condition. Check out our long list of potential causes, treatment and preventive options and more.

  • Burning Feet

    Burning feet is a good indication there could be an underlying problem, including overuse of your feet. Learn more about what causes the burning sensation and when you should seek medical attention.

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